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Liverpool i Chester timi khua naungeihnak siizung i a ttuanmi Nurse nih nausem chuakka a thah tawn hna tiah an tlaih cang.LUCY Letby timi kum 30 nurse a si, i mah ti a rak thah hna hi 2015 in 2016 chung ah a si tiah an ruah. Cucu Sky News le BBC nih an ttial.

2017 kum ah nausem 15 mah siizung ah an rak thih caah hlathlai le ngiat thlainak an rak tuah i hi kong ah Lucy cu an ram zumh lo caah an tlaih nal cangmi a si tiah BBC nih a ttial.

Lucy nih Pariat a thah hna i pahra hi thah a zalh hna nain a that kho hna lo tiah an ruah. Cucu mah Chester siizung nih Palik he a thabik in hi kong an hlat le an i bawmh kong BBC nih ttial.

Thawngpang dang asi a tang hi:

Tutan election phichuakmi kongah Trump cu a lung a tling kho rih lo i, tazacuainak tuah dingin thazaang a chuah peng ko rih nain, Saturday i Biden nih teinak a hmuh hnu in lungthin ai thenhmalmi American mipi pawl i lungsak dingin biachimnak a ngei.Pennsylvania i buan a co hnu in cun President si nak dingah a herhmi mark 270 a lonh lehlam cang i, ni 4 chung i sualsaan hnu ah teinak a hmun. US khuapi tam u ah amah a tanhtu pawl cu teinak buai an tuah hna.

โ€œHi kan ram mipi hna nih voice an kan ngeihpiak cang. Fiangtein teinak an kan pek cang,โ€ tiin a khua Wilmington, Delaware i parking lot ah amah lomhpinak a tuahtu mipi sinah Biden nih a chim.President dirhmun in kan ram ah lungrualnak ka ser than lai, Covid-19 dohti dingin zoh a dawhmi nunphung le thazaang ka ser lai, kan economic thanchonak ka sersiam lai, American chungkhar caah healthcare thatein ka damhkhaanpiak hna lai, miphunthleidannak hi a hram in a bongh lai, tiah Biden nih bia a kamh hna.

Ralchanh ah a dirmi Trump kong chim hleng lo tein, Trump vote a petu mipi 70 million sinah hnemhnak bia a chim.
โ€œPresident Trump vote a petu hna, tuzan nan ngeihchiatnak hi kan theihthiampiaktuk ko hna. Keimah zong voitampi ka sung bal. Asinain, nihin ah cun, khat le khat caantha (chance) i pe ton hna u sih. Biaka chiakha rumro in i den hi ngol cang u sih law, kan thinlinhnak hi daihter cang hna u sih. Khat le khat i hmu thiam than in, khat le khat kan bia i ngaihpiak tonh than cang hna u sih,โ€ tiin thazaangpeknak bia a chim.

โ€œAmerica ah damnak tuah caan a si cang. Black voters pawl nan cungah kai lawm. Campaing ka tuah lio i ka tlakchiat lio bik caan ah a ka dirkamhtu nan si. Ka hnungah nan ka dirkamh zungzal, cucaah a tu cu nan hnunglei in kan dirkamh ve cang hna lai,โ€ tiin Biden nih a chim.Biden cu a hawinu Harris nih mipi sinah theihternak a vun tuah. US Senator Kamala Harris hi America ah a sangbik dirhmun 2nak a si mi Vice-president a si cang lai i, Asian le Black miphun cawh vialte lakah Vice-president a tuan hmasabikmi nu a si lai.

โ€œKan ram ah a um pengmi thleidannak hauruang pi Biden nih a bauh dihmi hi zeitluk thinlungput thadah a ngeih, ti a langhtertu a si. A vice-president tuan dingah nunau a si mi keimah a vun ka thim ko ngai hi,โ€ tiin Harris nih a chim.Ramdang in British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau le German Chancellor Angela Merkel hna zong nih Biden an lomhpinak an vun langhter cio hna. Cun conservative mi a cheu khat lila zong nih lomhpinak bia an hei kuat.

Biden nih buan a co cang, tiin tv networks nih thawng an thanh lio ah hin Trump cu golf a tu cuahmah ko. โ€œLih rum ro in teitu dirhmun hna ah a vai chia len ve,โ€ tiin Trump nih a thang a chiat colh. Biden a tanhtu pawl cu tor le cheng in mator lam khat in White House lei an panh hna.โ€œHi election hi ai limnak dingah tamtuk ai duh rih,โ€ tiin Trump nih a chim.Election a phichuak kongah Trump nih tazacuainak a chuahpi len ko nain, tehte thitha in ai ngeih lo caah, a hlawhtlin dawh a si lo, tiin legal experts pawl nih an chim.

Biden nih teinak a hmuhmi thawngpang a than le cangka Washington velceh ah lomhpinak authawng lawng a thang. Mipi hna cu an innleng cio ah an chuak hna, lam cungah mawtaw horn a tum na, khengbel chin a tum na.. an tor lulh hna. A cheu cu an tap. โ€œWe are the Championsโ€ timi hla an vun phonh hna.Brooklyn i innpa chakthlang zongah mipi cu lomhnak in an au, an lam โ€œyesโ€ tiin an au lulh hna. Trump tanhtu pawl bel cu a lung a rawk na, a lung a hring na, a cohlan zia a thiam na, Trump minung an si, tiin ruahmi khuate mi hna an lung la kho dingin Biden nih thazaang a chuahmi vialte a cohlanpiak a thiam i khat cio hna lo.

โ€œKa lung a rawk, ka ngaih a chia. Tutan election hi timhciammaam tein hlenmi a si, tiah kei cu ka ruah ko hih,โ€ tiin Pennsylvania, Mifflintown, Main Street ah a ummi Gridiron Pub ah manager a tuan i Trump a tanhtu Kayla Doyle, 35, nih a lungrawknak a chim.Michigan, Pennsylvania le Arizona ah โ€œStop the Stealโ€ timi tlangtar in Trump a tanhtu pawl thinlin in an au hna. โ€œAudit kan tuahpiak than uโ€ tiin Phoenix ah duhlonak an langhter. โ€œBiaceihzung ah teinak kan hmu te laiโ€ tiin pakhat nih a chim.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ah minung 100 veve hrawng Trump tanhtu le Biden tanhtu an i phomh hna. Cu bantuk i vuaknak tete cu a um pah ial cang. Hi kong hi thanh an tih caah a si. Election result ai fian in Trump a tanhtu pawl nih duhlonak an tuahmi a hun i ning deuh.โ€œKa sungh a si ah cun daitein nawlngeihnak hi ka pe hna lai lo,โ€ tiin election hlan tein khan Trump nih a chim bal. Vote rel an lim hlan tein khan โ€œka tei cangโ€ tiin Trump nih lih in a chim.
Obama le Mitt Romney telhchih in, khahlan le nihin political leaders pawl Biden cungah lomhnak bia an langhter hna. Vote pek kongah dehhlennak a um, tiin an chimmi bia hi Justice Department nih thatein kan dothlatpiak hram u law kan duh, tiin Trump a tanhtu Senator Lindsey Graham nih nawlnak a tuah.

Vote an fir, tiin an lunghrimhnak hmun ah tehte kawl dingin legal team dirh ah a tha, tiin a team nih Trump an hnek lio pi ah โ€œBiden nih buan a co cang e,โ€ tiin tlangtlir a vun si colh ve.Kan president Trump nih hin fawitein a lungthumh ai tim lo, tiin Trump a hawile nih an chim.Vote hi relthan hei si ko hmanh sehlaw, tutan thimnak result a khutthal let than kho ding cu a si theng lem ti lo nain, tutiang ko ah cun Trump nih a lung thumh ai tim ruam rih lo. Tingchia ningtein tuak ah cun Trump a sungh lai hi a fiang ngai ko,โ€ tiin Trump nih a zumhraih ngaimi pa nih a chim.

Kum 4 chung buaicercur in Trump nih policy a kalpimi siseh, zelrelo in pulrai a tawlrelmi a siseh, chiakhaatuk lehpek in mipeem policy a remhsiammi siseh, China he trade war a thokmi siseh, internationals he lungtlinnak an tuahmi vialte a hrawh dihmi siseh, biaka chiakha hmangin American chungkhar tamtuk a lungthin a thenhmal dihmi siseh, lih a chimmi vialte siseh, democracy phunghrampi chuahtaak ai timhmi vialte hi tutan i Biden buan a chomi nih a donghter cang hna lai.

โ€œTrump campaign hi kan tla rih lo,โ€ timi langhter dingah ram pumpi cuul in duhlonak asiloah mipi tonnak tuah dingin rak i tim cio hna u, tiin Saturday ah khan Trump campaign manager Bil Stepien nih mipi a forh hna.
Rianhrang nih a Don colhPennsylvia nih Biden teinak a fehtermi hi Biden a tanhtu caah lunghmui ngai a si. Biden hi Pennsylvania i northeast ah a ummi Scranton sehzung umnak khua ah a chuak i, anih hi middle-class dirhmun in a thanglianmi a si. 2016 lio i Trump a rak dirkamhtu working-class pawl an lung a lak khawh dih than hna.
Ni kum ahkhan Pittsburgh ah campaign a tuah i, Tuesday ah khan mipi tonnak a tuah. Sehzung tampi umnak (industrial) state a si mi Pen. Mich., Wisc. le Minnesota ah hin an i tluk ngaingai ko nain, a donghnak ah cun Biden nih buan a co khawh than.Ruahlo piin challenge a tong. Mail-in vote pawl kham dingin Republican pawl thazaang an chuah. Pulrai nih mipi a tlunh sual hna lai, ti zong a phang.

January 20, 2021 i White House a luh te tikah khin Biden nih kum 78 a si cang lai i, US president ah kum upabik a si lai. Faaktukin lungthin ai thenhmal cangmi Washington i cozah rian har nih a rak don te lai.
1860 Civil War le 1930 Great Depression lio bantuk tein khan 2020 election hi US tuanbia ah a biapibikmi a si ve, tiah khaphnih nih an chim veve.Biden teinak a petu hi nunau, African American, college degrees ai ngeihmi le khuapi ah a ummi vunrang pawl an si hna. Rampumpi i popular vote le bangin cun Trump hi 4 million votes bak in a hleih, ti a si.

US senator le vice-president dirhmun in US cozah caah kum 50 deng tiang rian a tuan cangmi Biden kung cungah a tlung colh dingmi rian hna cu, pulrai kong i rampumpi ai buaibainak, economic than a khulnuarmi, miphunthleindak le police hna an thatlonak ralchanh in duhlonak langhtermi hi an si.Ahmasabik kai hmaithlaak dingmi rian cu pulrai tawlrel le damh hi a si i, testing tuahnak kan teirtamh lai i,ngamdamnak kong mifimnak an biaka le fimchimhnak kan zul lai, tiah Biden nih a chim.Ngandamnak dironh a hauh pinah, pulrai nih a chiatchuahmi economic sersiam than rian hi a ton a hau rih. Lockdown ruangah American 10 million nih rian an chuahtaak, federal lei in bomhnak a dih cang fawn.

US economy hi tumhchuk lei lawng a panh ko rih. Mipi rian lei kir khawhnak lam a tlawmtuk rih, abikin service industires a si mi sizung, mipi nomhsaihnak hmun ko hi an si. Hi rian ah hin nunau le zapi zaraan ko hi a tuar khun mi an si.White House ah zohdawh tein khuasaknak nunphung tharchuah ka hau rih. Trump nih hin ralkap unnak pungsan in a kalmi ramdang uktu pawl heh tiah a thangthat hna. Kum tampi chung hawitha ah kan i ngeihmi hna pawl zei ah a rel hna lo. White Supremacy a um, tiin a chim duh lo, US election system a dinfelnak kongah lunghrimhnak hrihrai a lenter. Hi vialte hi White House i president a tuan lio ah a tuanmi an si caah, ka remhsiam than dih a hau, tiin Biden nih bia a kamh hna.Trump a dirkamhtu hi an thawntuk ve rih caah, Democrats pawl nih an i ruah ning rup nih Trump cungah lehnak a tuah khawh lai an zum lo. Cu ti a si tikah cun, Trump a tuahsermi pawl hrawhpiak viar dingin Biden campaign nih biakamnak a tuahmi vialte hi a sualsanter (complicate) tu a si te kho mi a si. Trump nih tax cut tuah a timhmi, immigration policy a tuahmi, Obamacare hrawh a timh mi, Paris climate change le Iran nuclear deal in a chuahmi vialte hi an si.

Cun, US Senate hi Republican nih an control rih le bang ah cun, healthcare le climage change telhchih in Biden nih agenda a chuahpimiampi cu an khampiak te lai. Ai fiang rih lo mi Senate thutdanh an i cuhnak (Georgia le bangah cun January hlan ah ai fiang ding a si lo) a phichuak lawng nih hi kong hi lai a rel te ding khi a si.Trump, 74, caah cun tutan thil sining hi ai ruahlo ning tuk a hung si. Ram pumpi ah innlosak le zuar ah minthang pakhat a si mi Trump nih cun H. Clinton cu 2016 ah khan fawi ngaiin a tei. Kum 4 hnu belte ah cun 1992 lio i George H.W. Bush hnuin a hmasabik term hnihnak a co kho lo mi US president a vun si ruangmang ve cang lai.Mipeem kongah a cawlcangh a tha lo ngai nain, Latino nih vote an pek ngai lehlam. Pulrai nih an economy a chiatchuahtuknak Florda hei ti bantuk zongah buai a co.Right-wing a tanhtu pawl le โ€œAmerica Firstโ€ tiin tlaang a tarmi a duhtu khuatemi le vunrang riantlai pawl an tam ngai ko nain, a donghnak ah cun Trump cu a sung ruangmang ko.โ€œKhuachiapa dehhlennak in luattermi ko kai lawhter. Khuadawm ni kum 4 chung kan ram a khuh i, zeitik thla a tian te lai, ti ka hngak peng,โ€ tiah Washington i the Trump Hotel a lenglei ah Duane Fitzhugh, 52, nih Biden conglomhpek bu in a chim.

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