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White House i a lut-chuakmi___in US Secret Service-agent 130 Quarantine an pek hna tiah The Washington Post nih a ttial.A ruang cu mah Coronavirus in a zawmi an um ruang ah le positive a simi hna he naihniam in an thutdir caah a si, tiah cu thawngca nih cun a ttial.

Secret Service riantuantu 10% hi Quarantine pekmi cu an si i mah hna pawl hi Trunp Campaign lio i a zulkhaltu deuh an si. White House i a ttuanmi le Republican chung in rian pipa a tlaimi tam ngai Positive an si cang.

Thawngpang dang zong hi relchap ko:

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden nih tutan US ithimnak ah tei nak ka hmuh cangmi kongah Trump nih cun a mah duh paoh in Election Result cu thlen-nawn a timh.a duh tawk in vun cawlcang hna seh.Election Result cu duh paoh in thlen-nawn khawh dingah maw nan rel? Trump nih a sungh nak le a der nak cu ningcang tein a cohlan awh a si ko tiah fak lak in a phomh tโ€™han hna.

Media tampi nih a langhter mi cu Trump cozah nih Election Result cu a dik le dik kongah kherhlai nak an tuah cuahmah lio ah Pu Joe Biden nih cun White house ah luh dingin timhlamhnak a rak nei cuahmah ve tiah an chim.asinain Trump nih cun Election Result kherhlainak kan tuah mi a dih hlan ah cun Pu Joe Biden cu White house ah a lut kho lai lo.White house in ka chuak kho rih lo tiah Trump nih fiang te in a chim.

Trump nih White house in ka chuak kho lo timi kongah Joe Biden nih cun US nih ruahnak cheutu โ€œadvisorsโ€a ngeih mi hna cu a va ton tik hna ah January 20, 2021 ah khin sunglawi taktak White house, office a luh nak ding caah timhlamhnak a ngei cuahmah cang tiah theih a si fawn.US secretary of state Mike Pompeo nih cun US nih upadi a neih mi ning tein state kip ah Election Result cu kherhlainak kan tuah cuahmah,a tu tiang thil umtu ningah cun Trump nih tei nak a hmuh tโ€™han lai tiah a chim.

Hi lio ah Russia, China, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey le Slovenia hna nih cun Joe Biden sin ah lomhpi nak an chim na in,Israel ram nih cun US ithimnak ah Official tein tei nak a cotu kongah thanhnak an tuah hlan cu mi zei hmanh lomhpi nak ka tuah ngam rih lo.Offcial tein thanhnak an tuah tik paoh ah โ€œteituโ€a si mu cu lomhpi nak ka tuah ve te lai tiah a chim.

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