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New month, new day, new chapter, new page, new wishes! WELCOME SWEET DECEMBER 💎JOY Thla thar, ni thar , catlap thar, Saduhthah thar.. A THLUM MI DECEMBER KAN IN DON 💎 Kan caah Messiah a chuak ❤️ Lawmhnak ni thar.

Thawngpang dang relchap >>>>>>

President Trump Nih Biden A Kianh Timi Cu Trump Thazaang Lak Nak Si Dawh In A Lang

President Trump Nih Biden Tehte langhter Ding A Hal.US Presiden thimnak a tliang kho rihlo ti cu hmunkip ummi nih kan theih ciomi a si. Tutan thimnakah vawleipi nih Trump cu biden nih a tei tiah theih cio a si, asinain Biden nih Jan.20 ah US president sinak in White House-Innrangpi ah luh khawhnak dingah trump nih Teinak tette a hal.

Trump nih Biden a halmi tette hi Biden le Demon party nih an hmuhsak khawhlo cun Trump nih Innrangpi kianh dawh in a biachim zoh ah a umlo, a kianh duhlo cun US Ram buainak a fak khomi thil a si i thisen zong a luang lailo ti chim khawh silo.President Trump nih Biden le a party Demon pawl nih Trump halmi Tette an hmuhsak khawh lawngah biden cu president thutden ah thut khawh i riantuan khawh si lai.

President trump nih a halmi hna cu thim nakah Demon party lei nih lih in mee an tuah caah teinak an hmuh tiah trump te lei nih an puhmi hna Votes-mee 80 millions hi hrokhrol votes silo ti an langhter hau. 80 millions votes hi lih aitello a dikmi votes siko tiah Demon lei nih an hmuhsak khawh si cun Trump nih Biden cu lunglawm tein Innrangpi a kianh lai

Trump chim ning zohah tette hmuhsak khawhlo cun kianhlo khi siko. President trump nih a timi cu Biden nih 80 millions hi votes dik a siko lih aitel lo tiah aa ka hmuhsak khawh cun ka kianh lai a ti. A sullam cu hmuhsak khawhlo le kianhlo tinak si, hihi Trump Twitter ah hmuhmi bia a si. By. Stonnybawi

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