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AA Hriamtlai Nih Salai Aung Soe An Tlaih Nak A Ruang Le KACC Nih Zeidah A Tuah

AA hriamtlai nih an tlaih mi Salai Aung Soe cu thla 4 hnu ah an thlah than cang.AA hriamtlai nih an tlaih mi Chin pa Salai Aung Soe cu thla 4 le ni 16 hnu ah an thlah than i, dam tein Paletwa a phan, tiah kan theih.Salai Aung Soe hi 2020 July 29 ah AA hriamtlai nih an tlaih i, 2020 December 15 zaanlei suimilaam 1:00 hrawng ah an thlah than hi a si. “Salai Aung Soe an tlaih hi thla 4 leng a rau cang. An tlaihka le an hren chung vialte AA hriamtlai upa hna nih kan tlai lo tiah an i pheh peng.

Zei si poh ah, KACC nih Salai Aung Soe a luat than mi kong ah chungkhar ai-awh in kan i lawm i, a luat nakding ca ah a kan bawmtu vialte cung zong ah lunglawmhnak kan langhter,” tiah KACC nih 2020 December 16 ah cathanh an chuah.“Chin Ramkulh Paletwa Peng le Rakhine Ramkulh chung ah ralkap le AA hriamtlai hna buaibainak chirhchan in a ruang um lo le sualnak a ngei lo mi khuami tlaih mi hna Myanmar ralkap nan si zong ah, AA hriamtlai nan si zong ah a ran khawh chung in kan thlahpiak hna u, kan in nawl,” tiah cathanh ah an tialchih.

Hi kong ah KACC le RRCCI in Chimphuannak Nawlngeitu Mai Nang Wai nih, “December 12 lio ah khan AA lei nih Salai Aung Soe chungkhar a thli in an rak chawnh hna i, kan rak thlah lai an ti. Cu tik ah chungkhar nih aa naihniamnak bik tiang an va don i, December 15 chun suimilaam 1:00 ah Paletwa a phanh hi a si. Atu tiang ahcun hliamhma a ngeih le ngeih lo zong kan thei rih lo.

Kan theih ning ahcun a dam ko an ti. Amah he bia kan i ruah kho rih lo i, zeihmanh tling tein kan thei kho rih lo,” tiah The Hakha Times ah a chim.Salai Aung Soe le a hawile minung 3 cu AA hriamtlai nih July 28 ah an rak tlaih hna i, a hawile cu tuan ah an thlah than hna nain, Salai Aung Soe cu thla 4 hnu lawng ah an thlah hi a si, tiah kan theih. Credit: The Hakha Times pages

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