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Apoi Hringhran Ko : Chin Ram Ah Motor Leh Le Cycle An I Pah Ruangah Mithi An Tam Cang

Lairam ahhin mawtaw aa let ti le, cycle in an ipah timi Thawng/news a tam ko cang. Nulepa, unau le ta le far tampi, chan cim hlan ah mual a kan liamtakmi an tam ko. Milu population tlawmpte, Laimi miphun chung in ekaiden in kan thihning rate average tuak tikah, kan milu zat in percentage a sang tuk. Vehicle safety regulations le transportation safety regulations hi Chin Cozah le politicians hna nih biatak tein nan zoh a hau cang.

Khuaruahhar in a thangcho cuahmahmi vawlei technology le invocations ah kan i peih ve cang tikah, himnak he aa pehtlaihmi safety lei ivennak, regulations ah biatak tein ttanlak a herh lio caan a si ve. Chin Cozah nih Chin society mino bu/ organizations, religions institution le NGO tbk he biatak tein hi kong hi ttanlak a herh tuk cang in a lang. worldnewsforchin

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