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Apoi Ti Pin Cun Chim Awk Um Ti Loh : US Khuasa Laipa Pakhat Nih Minung 15 Bak Meithal In A Kah Hna

Laimi asi tak le lo cu theih asi lo nain a min cu Lai min asi. Nizan ah Uk Thang timi nih minung 15 meithal in a kah hna ti asi. Meithal in a kah hna hnu ah a mah le mah zong a thah tiin an ti. Kroger dawr ah vendor asi an ti. Sushi dawr a tuahmi si dawh a si. Tennessee State um Collierville khua ah a cangmi thil asi.

Uk Thang was identified as the gunman who shot 15 people, one fatally, at a Kroger grocery store in Collierville, Tennessee. Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane confirmed in a news conference that the gunman shot 15 victims, with some in serious condition. Thang was 29 years old and shot and killed himself at the scene; he was found in the rear of the store. Police declined to give his name in a news conference, but they released it to the news media afterwards, according to the Daily Memphian.

Authorities described the frantic scramble for safety that unfolded at Kroger when the gunfire broke out in the deli area of the grocery store not far from Memphis. “We removed people from freezers, closets, hiding in pallets,” Lane said in a September 24 news conference. The gunman’s name is also spelled as UK Thang.

“It breaks my heart to have to stand before you today,” Lane said in an earlier news conference, calling the mass shooting “the most horrific event that’s occurred in Collierville history.”

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