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ASEAN chungtel ram hna lakhruak tonnak (Emergency meeting) tuah dingin Indonesia President Joko Widodo Nih Halnak A Tial Tiah Theih A Si.

ASEAN Chungtel Ram Hna Nih Myanmar Buainak Ceih Zokzok Dingin Malaysia Le Indonesia Nih An Hal
Myanmar ram buainak kong hi a rannak in ceih dingah ASEAN chungtel ram hna lakhruak tonnak (Emergency meeting) tuah dingin Indonesia President Joko Widodo nih halnak ca a tial theih theih a si. Atu lio ASEAN chairman a simi Brunei ram zongah Joko Widodo nih halnak a tial fawn.

President Joko Widodo nih cun Myanmar ah daihnak le democracy a um khawh zaunak dingah biatak tein ceihkhan a hau tiah a chim.

Malaysia PM Muhyiddin Yassin zong nih Indonesia President Joko Widodo nih Myanmar buainak kong ceih dingin ASEAN chungtel ram hna tonnak tuah dingin a halmi cu ka lung a tling tuk tiah cathanh a chuah ve.

Cu lawng si loin hriamnam a ngei lomi mipi hramhram in thah le nawn cu cohlan khawh a si lo. Myanmar ralkap nih remdaihnak lam an kawl ding a si tiah Malaysia PM nih a chim chap.

ASEAN zulhphung pakhat cu chungtel ram pakhat i a ramchung kongkau ah a dang nih i thlak lo ding timi hi a si. Asinain Indonesia President nih atu bantukin halnak a tuahmi hi sullam a ngei hnga maw tiah ramkhel thiamsang cheukhat nih an chim.

Source: Reuter
A tanglei hi ASEAN chungtel ram 10 le kumkhat chung an tangka hmuhning a si.

GDP and GDP per capita data are according to TradingNomics’s Quarter 3-2020 data.

Rank Country Population
in million GDP Nominal
millions of
USD GDP Nominal
per capita
millions of
per capita
ASEAN 654.306 3,173,141 4,849 8,454,651 12,921
Indonesia 266.998 1,088,768 4,038 3,328,288 12,345
Thailand 67.913 509,200 7,295 1,261,485 18,073
Philippines 108.307 377,362 3,372 933,913 8,574
Vietnam 96.801 340,602 3,498 1,047,318 10,755
Singapore 5.670 337,451 58,484 578,204 95,603
Malaysia 32.801 336,300 10,192 900,426 27,287
Myanmar 53.019 71,690 1,333 275,513 5,179
Cambodia 16.494 26,316 1,572 74,348 4,441
Laos 7.163 18,653 2,567 59,736 8,221
Brunei 0.447 13,469 23,117 28,470 61,816

Crd: Wikipedia

RF: Chin Post

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