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Bawmh Nak Kan Tuah Tam Poh Le Kan Rian Tuan Atha Chin Ti Mi Zuk Cawn Thiam Smile

October thla ni 1 thawk in ka pa chauh cam aphan ding mi thla 22 ni tiang khi mi har sa pawl inn khat ah ting 1 in bawmh ding in kan i tim adih lak ah ting 22 asi lai i aherh tak tak mi ahar tak tak mi lawng bawmh an si lai cu lo cun phaisa duh ruang i mi dik lo mi an tam pi raung ah tha te in i ral ring te in bawmh an si alai ti mi zuk cawn thiam Smile.

atang ah avideo kanvang thil chaih

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