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Biden nih:Teinak a hmuh mihi’Nu pakhat ruang ah a si’a mah nih tuah khawh mi a ngei lo.

USA rampi President thimnak result cu ramchung media kip nih an tarlangh cio cang. Joe Biden nih a tei tiang lunglawm taktak in langhter cio asi.

Joe Biden nih President teinak a hmuh caah Vice President ding ah aa thim mi Kamala Harris nih America tuanbia thar a hun tial hi asi. USA tuanbia ah a pakhat nak bik Nu vice President sinak, Minak nu le South Asian American chung in a pakhat nakbik Nu Vice President sinak tuanbia a tial hi asi.

America tuanbia zoh tikah Nu nih rampi Vice President an ttuan bal lo, cu pin ah Minak nu chung in Vice President a ttuan mi an um bal rih lo bantuk in South Asian American minung chung in Vice President a ttuan mi an um bal rih lo, Kamala Harris hi a pakhat nak bik a si tiah ABC News nih a tarlangh hi asi.

Kamala Harris cu Kahpia, India le America thisen aa chawh mi asi i a mah Vice President dirhmun a phak cu India le America karlak pehtlaihnak zong a that chinchin zumh a si.

Tutan result cu Media kip nih phuan le tarlangh a si cang, a si nain White House lei in official phuannak, statement ti bantuk tucu zeihmanh a um rih lo. Donald Trump nih result a cohlang kho lai maw timi zong a fiang rih lo.

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