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Breaking News; Hakha Ah Bomb Puah Thawng Le Meithal Thawng A Thang

Hakha Ah Puahkeh Thawng A Thang. Tuzaan November 8, 2021 zaan suimilam 10:44 PM in 11:00 PM tiang Hakha ah bomb puah thawng voihnih theih asi, cu hnu ah meithal thawng nih a zulh.

Hakha khuami pakhat nih ” Bomb thawng a hun thang i kan lau ngaingai, rau lo te ah meithal thawng nih a hun zulhdawi colh, ralhrang pawl an i hro i asi ko lai cuh tiah” khuami pakhat nih achim. Crd; The Federal Times

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