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Breaking News: Motorcycle Pahnak in Hakha ah Pu Van Uk Lian A Nunnak A Liam

Hakha khuathar, Thantlang lampial phanh hlan ah Motorcycle i pah sualnak a chuak i pa pakhat a nunnak a liam tiah thawng kan theih. November 10, zinglei suimilam 11:30 hrawng ah Pu Van Uk Lian, kum 44 le a hawi pa an i citmi Motorcycle cu mer/kuih an timh lio ah lamthluan in a rami Motorcycle pakhat nih a pah sual hna hi a si.

Motorcycle pahnak in Pu Van Uk Lian cu Hakha siizung an phakpi hnu ah a nunnak a liam. Pu Van Uk Lian hi Hakha peng Farrawn khuami a si, fa 4 a ngei cangmi a si. Atuhi Pu Van Uk Lian ruak cu siizung mithi khan chung ah an chiah chung tiah thawng kan theih.

Thil sining kong he pehtlai in palik nih hlathlainak an tuah cuahmah lio a si tiah thawng kan theih. tantak mi chungkhar hawikom krifabu an ngeihchiat nak Bawipa nih hnem hram ko hna seh.

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