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Breaking News President Trump A Cian Vote Rel Ti Hlah Uh Tiah Nawl A Chuah

US rampi ithimnak ah vote a rel cuahmah mi cu President Trump nih mah tin nawl a chuah cang.mi zei hmanh nih vote rel ti hlah uh “stp the count” tiah nawl a pek cang hna tiah theih a si. Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, & Georgia ah Trump administration pawl hna nih vote an rel cuahmah mi vialte cu rel ti lo in makter dingah an tawlrel cuahmah tiah theih a si.

Aruang, Democratic Candidate Pu Joe Biden nih hin six electoral votes lawng hmuh aa duh cang.US rampi President nak caah Biden nih six electoral votes a hmuh a si ah cun a tling dingmi drihmun a phan cang.Trump campaign ai-awh in Former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell nih cun a rauh hlan ah Nevada ah press conference a tuah lai i cu rual cun ‘Lawsuit’ biaceih zung kal nak ding statement a tuah cawlh lai tiah an chim.

Former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell nih Nevada lawsuit a tuah dingmi hi Trump campaign nih Michigan, Pennsylvania,& Georgia ah lawsuit an tuah ding he aa khat lai.The Associated Press nih Biden 264 electoral votes , Arizona telh in Biden cu tei nak an hmuhter cang.asinain Trump nih hi thil kongah vote ningcang lo in an tuah caah a si tiah an zumh caah vote ningcang tein an thlak a si ah cun tei nak cu kan mah ta a si ko lai tiah an i ruah chih ve.

Nevada ah hin Biden nih 8,000 votes a hmuh cuahmah caah vote an rel khawh a si ah cun tuzan ah result hi phuan khawh a si te lai tiah an ruah.Georgia & Pennsylvania zongah additional vote an rel cang lai tiah zumh a si. hi ruangah PRO TRUMP hna nih Nevada, Arizona, & Detroit ah vote an rel cuahmah mi cu rel ti lo dingin nawlpatnak an tuah.Wisconsin ah vote 1% te lawng rel ding a tang rel cia mi hna”Arizona – 50.49% Biden, 48.14% Trump,Georgia -49.57% Trump,49.2% Biden,North Carolina-50.09% Trump, 48.69% Biden Pennsylvania,Trump 50.72%, Biden 48.13%” hna an si cang.

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