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Chin Mi Chungin Tedim Peng Thimnak Vialte Ah NLD Nih Teinak An Co Dih An Tiru Ko

Tedim peng thimnak vialte ah NLD nih teinak an co dih.
NLD palai pawl nih Tedim peng thimnak hmun vialte ah teinak an hmuh dih ve. Tedim peng hi 2015 kum thimnak lio ah khan Zomi Congress of Democracy nih thimnak hmun 5 lak ah hmun 3 ah teinak a rak co bal mi asi.

U Piang Suan Mung (Pyithu Hluttaw) U Hang Khan Lian (Amyotha Hluttaw No.1) U Thang Do Cin (Amyotha Hluttaw No.2) U Thang Tuan Pau (State Hluttaw No.1) U Mang Hen Dal (State Hluttaw No.2) Source# 2020 NLD Election Campaign Committee-Chin state. Chin Cable Network Channel

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