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Chin Mipi Vengtu Ralkap CNDF Hna Nih SAC Ralhrang Sakhan An Kah, Minung 3 An Thi

Chin ramkulh Falam pengchung Rihkhuadar ah nihin March 12, zinglei ah SAC ralkap umnak sakhan pakhat cu Chin mizapi vengtu ralkap CNDF nih an kah. Cu kahdohnak ah cun SAC ralkap phu chungtel minung 3 an thi, tiah CNO/CNDF in chimphuannak nawlngeitu nih a chim.

Nihin March 12, zinglei suimilam 6:00 hrawng ah India-Myanmar ramri Rihkhuadar no.2 sang ah um mi SAC ralkap sakhan cu CNDF nih an kah. “Zinglei suimilam 6:00 in no.2 sangchung ah a um mi SAC ralkap sakhan cu CNDF nih an kah hna. Cu kahdohnak ah cun SAC ralkap minung 3 an thi i, kanmah lei hliamhma tuar le a thi mi an um lo,” tiah a chim.

Cu kahdohnak cu suimilam 1 leng tluk an rau i, zinglei suimilam 7:00 luan hrawng ah CNDF cu hnu an tolh ṭhan. Kaphnih kar kahdohnak kong he pehtlai in SAC lei nih cathanh an chuah mi a um lo. Chin mizapi vengtu ralkap CNDF nih Rihkhuadar khuachung um mi no.2 sang SAC ralkap sakhan cu March 7 ah voikhat, March 5 ah voikhat ti in an rak kah cang hna.

SAC ralkap hna le mizapi vengtu ralkap CNDF kar kahdohnak ruangah Rihkhuadar pengchung um minung 5000 hrawng cu India ramri lei ah an tlizaam hna, tiah theih a si. Tuzing kahdohnak ruangah hin India ramchung Zokhuathar ah SAC ralkap kuan a tla nain meithal kuan nih a hliamh mi an um lo, tiah theih a si. Credit: The Chin Post

Nihin 2022 March 12 ah Chin ramkulh, State Aministrative Council lutlai hna he i tong ding in SAC Union Election Commission lutlai hna cu Napyidaw in Hakha ah Helicopter in zinglei Sml 11 hrawng ah an phan, tiah theih a si. Nihin ah Hakha Aministrative Council zung cu SAC ralkap le palek nih an cawngh i, khuachung zong ah an i chawklet, tiah theih a si.

SAC tang Union Election Commission le Chin SAC lutlai hna cu nihin March 12 ah an i tong i, zaanlei ah Election Commission hruaitu hna cu Napyidaw ah an kir ṭhan lai, tiah theih a si. 2023 August thla ah Malti-party general Election tuah ṭhan khawh nak ding kan i zuam lai, tiah SAC nih an thanh. The Chin Post

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