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Chinram Tedim Peng, Kahdohnak Thawngfiang, SAC Ralhrang Thi An Tam Taktak

Tedim peng ni 10 chung kahdohnak ah Kawl Ralkap 80 an thi, miphun hriamtlai 3 nih nunnak an pek. [English- The 10 days fighting between the Chinland Joint Defense forces and regime troops occurred between Jan. 12-22 where the Chin resistance force claimed to have killed at least 80 soldiers, according to the statement, adding that three of Chin fighters died and other 9 injured following airstrikes in Tedim Township, Chin state. ]

Post Staff – 2022 January 26 | Tedim peng, Hiangzing khua pawng ni 10 chung kahdohnak 2022 January 12-22 tiang ah Kawl ralkap 80 tluk an thi tiah theih a si. Hi ni 10 chung, Hiangzing kahdohnak ah miphun hriamtlai in Ralkap 9 an i khawng. Kahdohnak chungah Tg. Kap Sian Mung (PDF-Zoland), Sergeant Pum Tuan Thang @ Thang Pui (CNA), Bawino Salai Cung Lian Sang (CNA) hna nih ram le miphun caah an nunnak an pek.

Tutan kahdohnak kong ah, Chin miphun hriamtlai phu simi ZFU/PDF-Zoland, CDM-Siyin, PDF-Kalay, CNDF, Zogam army, Zomi-PDF, PDA, CNA, CDF-KKG phu hna fonh in a si i, Kawl Ralkap a leitang in ZRA an i tel tiah ZFU/PDF-Zoland le CDM-Siyin nih cathanh an chuahmi in kan theih.

Kawl ralkap nih hriamnam ngan le vanlawng bawm in chunitlak an kan doh. Cu lawng si loin, Zomi mino fimcawnnak Khaikam University hmun in voi 100 leng hriamngan in siseh, vanlawng pahnih in voi 4 tluk kan kah tiah an than.

Kawl ralkap lei in hriam le minung thazang tamtuk in an miphun hriamtlai cu an doh ruang ah le mipi himnak le mipi thilri a rawhralnak sual lai timi ruahchannak he an umnak le riakbuk cu an chuah tak chung tiah theih a si. Crd; The Chinland Post

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