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Congratulations : Olivia Nih Germany 🇩🇪 Ram Ah M.Sc. (Master of Sciences in Business Accounting & Finance) Degree, A Kan Lak Piak

Ka Dawt, ka Thinlung Olivia Zam finally you made it. I am so proud of you. Thanks God for M.Sc. degree. Pathian umpinak, dawtnak vel le pumpak naa zuamnak thawngin M.Sc. (Master of Sciences in Business Accounting & Finance) degree, Frankfurt University, Germany 🇩🇪 ram ah tluang tein na kan lakpiak khawh caah teinak a hmutu ka Dawt na cung le teinak an petu kan Pathian cung le thlacamnak in a kan bawmtu chung le khat, hawikawm nan dihlak cungah kaa lawm tuk ee.

Ph.D in Business na pehnak le Master in Theology na kai cuahmahmi zongah a kan daw pengtu Pathian nih thluachuah in pe in teinak in pe chin ko seh! I love you so much ❤️😇 Robert Thawngzam

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