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Congratulations Pu Ngaisak and Pu Ceubik Thawng, CNLD Party Congress le General Secretary An Tling

Congratulations Pu Ngaisak and Pu Ceubik Thawng.

❇️Tuni CNLD Party Congress ah Pu Ngaisak le Pu Siang Mang cu Chairman ah hril an siih Pu Ngaisak a tling.
❇️General Secretary ah Pu Thian Uk Thang (Hngepi) le Pu Ceubik Thawng hril an siih Pu Ceubik Thawng a tling.
❇️Tui ni thawk in CNLD cu Chairman-1, GS-1 a si thlang ding.

⭕️Chairman Pu Zo Zam le Pu No Than Kap cun Chairman an cuh ve lo, an 2 in Counselors an si ding. Counselors hi anmah 2 lawng an si ding.

⭕️Tu ahcun CNLD ah Counselor 2, Patron 4, Vice Chairman 4 le CEC 27 an si.

Crd: Pu No Than Kap

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