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Congratulations : Salai Tial Hram Ling Nih Teinak A Kan Hmuh Piak

CBN Senior corespondent Salai Tial Hram Ling nih USA Chin Kumthar (Chin Association of Mayland) Capar tial zuamnak ah #pakhatnak a kan hmuhpiak. CBN Media tuanti hawi nih lawmhpinak kan langhter.

Salai Tial Hram Ling (Lengkawite) cu Australia hrambunh CBN Media rak dirh tlawmpal in nihin tiang CBN nih kan i tinhmi miphun rian le Media rian ah zaanghlei a cawi mi a si. Congratulations @Salai Tial Hram Ling #CBNTeam . Chin Broadcasting Network

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