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Covid Can Lio Ah An Hnak Le Meh Pawl Ka Bawmh Hna Ti Mi Model Le Zuk Cawn Thiam May Barani Thaw

Inn pawng pawl i Lockdown an tuah mi hna inn pawl ah meh tuah ding pawl thil pawl an hnak pawl ka bawmh hna ann hnak pawl atam lio aherh tak tak mi inn pawl ah ka bawmh khawh hna i kai nuam tuk i tuah tan nak aum lo i ruah lo pi asi caah atlam tling lo mi zong aum ko la na in an amah caah an voi khat meh si ah cun kai lung sak ko ti mi Model le zuk cawn thiam si mi May Barani Thaw.

atang ah avideo kanvang thil chiah

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