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Dr Sasa Cu Zeiruangah Dah Tih A Nung Tuk Mi A Si

Dr. Sa Sa is a very dangerous man! Why? (Dr. Sa Sa cu zeiruangah dah ttih a nun tuk?)He is very dangerous because (A ruang cu),Almighty God is with him (A Nungmi Pathian a sin ah a um bak).He loves the people of Myanmar and is willing to sacrifice everything for their rights (Mipi dawtu le an caah nun a thaap ngamtu a si).

He is like Lily among the thorns who grew up amidst difficulties (Hling lak i a parmi Lily bantuk a si).He is a man of his words. He is honest and never lie (A bia ningin a nungmi pa a si). As a tribal man, he himself witnessed and experienced the innocents’ sufferings (Mipi tuarmi harsatnak a hmu/theitu a si).He is passionate to fight for justice (Dinfelnak a uar taktak mi pa a si).

Trusted and supported by world’s great leaders (Ram hruaitu tampi nih an an zumhmi le mithmai ttha an pekmi pa a si).Therefore, no one will stand strong as the Almighty is in/with him (Kan Pathian a sin i a um caah a dohmi hna cu sau an dir hrimhrim lai lo). Amen.

Teinak cu Zei bantuk ah dah a um?Teinak cu Pathian kut chungah a um. Amen. Minung leikam tu cun (Pathian bochan buin) ralthatnak, lungrualnak, lungsaunak le teirialnak ah a ummi a si. Tulio sining ahcun Man-U nih Man City hi anmah hmun i va tei ding cu a si kho bak lomi a si. Asinain, zahan zan 11pm-1am (muinak a chahlio cem caan) ah a va tei bak ko. Kan biakmi Pathian caah “a si ko lo” thil timi a um lo. Halleluijah!Raldohnak cu Bawipa ta a si caah (2 Chanrelnak 20:15) Amah hmanmi minung le Amah lam tu lungsau tein hngak ko hna u sih. Credit:CK Tiam

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