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Dr.SaSa nih:Tlang cung party kong’Fianglak in a rak phuan cang hi.

Dr. Sasa cu kan theih cio bangin zohchunhtlak pasalttha pakhat a si. Chin ram caah a si khawh chungin aa pumpe. A upat lo fa an um lai lo. Nain Bangkok Post ah tlangcung party kong a chimmi bel cu theih a nuam lo ngai. Tlangcung party cu zei ah a rel lo ti a lang. A chimmi cu a tanglei ah rak rel ve.

“United party (NLD) lawng nih hin Kawlram chung tlangcung phu le miphun vialte hi hmual ngei tein a aiawh kho hna. Rakhine, Kachin, Chin tbk tlangcung party pawl cu anmah tlangcung miphun ca cio lawng ai a awh kho.

A dang tlangcung miphun ai a awh kho lo. Nain NLD cu tlangcung miphun vialte ai a awh dih. NLD hi a dikmi miphun party cu a si” tiah a chim.

A fawinak in chim ahcun tlangcung party cu a thlanglamh i NLD party cu cungah a hlawrh. A biachim cu tlangcung party dirpitu hna caah cun theih nuam lo taktak a si.

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