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Gen- Min Aung Hlaing Cu A Ngaichih Thluahmah Ko Cang Lai

Min Aung Hlaing Cu A Ngaichih Taktak Cang Lai Hih.US, Japan, India le Australia nih Myanmar Democracy kong ah lungtlinnak an Ngei US, Japan, Australia le India nih Myanmar ram Democracy dothlennak kong ah lungtlin biachahnak an ngei, tiah theih a si. “Myanmar ram Democracy dothlennak ah hnahnawhnak a petu bu pawl fak piin lehrul ding” tiah a cunglei ram 4 nih lungtlinnak an ngei.

President Joe Biden nih US President a ttuan hnu ah US, Japan, Australia le India ramleng vuanci pawl a voi khatnak bik tonnak an ngei i, vawleicung COVID-19 kong Myanmar ram kong le Indo-Pacific ramri kong pawl ceihmainak an ngei hna.

Myanmar ram ah Democracy uknak phung khulrang in ser khawh tthan nak ding le ralhriam le thazaang hmang in thimnak phichuak thlen an timhmi hi fak piin dohdal ding in timhtuahnak kan ngei tiah Japan ramleng vuanci Toshimitsu Motegi nih a chim. Source: News Journal

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