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Hakha Campaign For Justice Sinin Thaizing Cawlcanghnak Kong Thawngthanhnak. Nan Thiltuah A Thatuk

Hakha Campaign For Justice SIn Thawngthanhnak

Thaizing cawlcangh nakding mizapi sin thawngthanh
– Thaizing zong Hakha khuapi chung ah ralkap uk kan duh lo ti langhternak a ni 6nak pehzulh in kan tuah rih lai.
– Thaizing kan tuah ding hi nidang kan tuah tawn bantuk si loin, atu cu motor le motorcycle in kan kal cang hna lai.
– Motor le motorcycle a ngei mi poh rak chuak hram uh. Cun, a ngei mi zong nih nan hawile a tam khawh chung tam in rak i sawm cio hram ko uh.
I tonnak hmun: Pu Ral Hmung Certual
I ton caan: suimilaam 10:00AM
#Chinchiah ding
– Motor, motorcycle in kan kal lai nain, petpet tum lo daite in kan kal hna lai.
– CCU sianginn ah kan donghter te lai.
– Chin, Myanmar ram puanlang (Flag) na ngeih a si cun rak i ken te.
– Motorcycle aa ken mi nih motorcycle luchinh i chinh philh lo ding
– Hakha Christian Minister Fellowship nih an kan hruai lai.
– Motorcycle, motor a ngei lomi hna ca ah motor kan hlan.
Na hawile tampi nih an hmuh khawh naklai share/copy paste rak tuah ve hrimhrim.

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