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Happy Birthday Benjamin Sum ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ I believe that you will achieve all of your goals in life

Benjamin Sum na chuahcam dam le lunglawm tein na phanh khawh caah kan rak in lawmhpi, Bawipa nih hmailei na lam tluan ah in um piin in zohkhenh zungzal ko seh. “Happy Birthday Benjamin Sum ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ I believe that you will achieve all of your goals in life…So,Wishing you all the best & be stronger and more confident when facing a problem in your life….Have a wonderful birthday Ben ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’› Ps.แ€™แ€”แ€บแ€ธแ€œแ€ฑแ€ธแ€œแ€ฌแ€แ€ฏแ€”แ€บแ€ธแ€€ แ€žแ€ฝแ€ฌแ€ธแ€แ€ฝแ€ฑแ€ทแ€แ€ฒแ€ท แ€•แ€ฏแ€ถแ€œแ€ฑแ€ธแ€”แ€ฒแ€ท wishแ€œแ€ญแ€ฏแ€€แ€บแ€แ€ฌแ€™แ€ญแ€ฏแ€ท sry for my ugly face๐Ÿ˜”. thiri aein

thawngpang dang relchap >>>>>>>

THAWNGTTHA : Vaccine timi cu na pum chungah rungrul (virus) a luh tikah a rak thattu antibody kan timi a chuahter tu asi

Vaccine timi cu na pum chungah rungrul (virus) a luh tikah a rak thattu antibody kan timi a chuahter tu asi. Antibody cu COVID-19 a ngei ciami nih an ngeihmi a si.
Cucaah, COVID-19 in a zaw i a dammi nih antibody aa telmi an thi phunkhat (plasma) kha COVID-19 in a zaw cuahmahmi an pek hna tikah damnak an hmuh tawnnak a si.
Tuni tiangah America ah hman khawhmi COVID-19 vaccine a chuak rih lo nain Operation Warp Speed hruainak in kum 2020 a dih hlan ah pakhat tal cu chuah khawh a si hrimrhim ko lai tiah an thanh.

1.COVID-19 Vaccine cu chuak sehlaw kan zuum in kan I chunngam kun lai maw? : OWS, HHS, CDC, FDA, le Health Department tbk.. Ngandamnak lei tuanvo ngeitu dangdang nih tha tein an tawlrel cuahmah lio pi a si. Silei thiamsang hna nih tha tein an check dih hnu ah Minung caah ral um lo tein COVID-19 a khamh khawh ko tiah an fehter (confirm) hnu lawngah chuah le mipi pek a si lai caah i chunh ngam ding a si ko.

2.COVID-19 Vaccine nih COVID-19 zawtnak Lila a ka pelai maw? : Pe lai lo! Sinain Vaccine na chunh tikah na taksa kha a phing, a sen, in a fak pah kho. Cun na tak Lin in na lu a fak kho. Sinain na pum ah Vaccine naa chunhmi rian a tuan tinak hmelchunh an si caah thinphang ding asi lai lo. Ni tlawmpal ah an lo than ko lai. Na thinphan sual ahcun Sibawi te sinah kal khawh a si.

3.COVID-19 Vaccine nih zeidah a Chuahter khawh (SideEffects)? : Vaccine a chuak hmasa bik mi a fian in fiang deuh in langh ter si te lai. Lufah, taklinh, le chunhnak taksa phin, sen ti dah lo cu a dang cu fiang in thanh a si than te lai. Si nih kan pum cungah a chuah ter khawhmi thil dangdang (Side effects) hna zong minung kan caah a him maw him lo timi vialte zoh dih le hlathlai dih hnu ah si cu chuah a si lai.

4.Hodah COVID-19 Vaccine cu pekhmasa asi lai? : US cozah nih American mipi vialte za in vaccine chuah a duh ko nain i zat lo a si sual ahcun mi thim in pek a si te lai. Zawtnak ngeih a fawi deuh cang mi u-tar, zawtnak dangdang a ngeimi, le sizung ah mizaw a zohkhenhmi sizung rianttuan tu pawl hi pek hmasa cu an si te lai.

5.COVID-19 in ka zawbal I antibody ka ngeih ko ah tah Vaccine cu chunh ka hau kun lai maw? : Na hau ko. Zawtnak ngeih tthan khawh a si caah na pum chung a um ciami antibody nih zei can tiang COVID-19 in an khamh khawh kha theih khawh a si lo. Atu i vaccine a chuak lai mi zong nih zei can tiang an khamh khawh lai ti cu hlathlai cuahmah lio a si.

6. Vaccine cu voikhat chunh ah a zalaimaw? : Vaccine hi voi hnih chunh a hau lai. Zarh khat hnih dang in chunh a si te lai. Voikhat chunh dih in Sibawi te nih chunh tthan ni le caan chimh a si te lai.

7.Vaccine chunhhnu ah tah ka zawkho lai maw? : Vaccine naa chunh hnu zongah na zaw kho thiam ve ko. Tahchunnak โ€“ tlangrai khamhnak (Flu Vaccine) kan I chunh ko buin a can ahcun kan zaw tthiam I a can ahcun a kan khamh ko. Cucaah, Vaccine na chunh zongah hmai huh, kut ttawl, le pe 6 dan in (social distance) mipi he um tibantuk CDC nih chuahmi Guidelines ning tein zulh a herh peng rih. Note: Hi ca hi siaherhnak he CDC charhchan in a tawi fiannak in ttialmi a si. By- Venus Par Registered Nurse

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