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India Cozah Nih Min Aung Hlaing Cu India Republic Day Ah An Sawm

India Republic Day ah Min Aung Hlaing kan sawmlo, tiah India Cozah nih thanh. 2021 November 24, Aralai mi 2022 January 26 ah tuah ding mi India Republic Day, ralkap thazaang langhternak ah Min Aung Hlaing an sawm, ti mi adiklo mi a si, tiah India Ramdanglei Minister Zung nih phungluut in a thanh.

“Republic Day tuah ding mi ah khuallian sawm timh an si. Media cheukhat nih an ruahdamh in sawm ding mi cazin an tialchung bia a si,” tiah India Ramdanglei Minister Zung in Chimnak Nawlngeitu Arindam Bagchi nih a chim.

Min Aung Hlaing cu ASEAN Summit meeting in an hnon bal i November 22 lio ah tuah mi China-ASEAN Summit zong ah hnon a si. Crd; The Hakha Times

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