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India Ram President 15 Nak Ding Ah Nu Droupati Murmu Bak A Tling Ko Hi

India Ram President 15 Nak Ding Ah Tribal Miphun Nu Droupati Murmu Thim A Si. India ram nih cun President thar an ngei i, BJP candidate in Droupati Murmu cu President ding ah thim a si. India ram phung ning bantuk in Droupati Murmu nih cun a ra lai mi kum 5 chung ah India ram President rian a tlaih lai.

Droupati Murmu hi India ram tuanbia ah nu president pahnihnak a si i, miphun hme(tribal) chung in president hmasa bik a si. Kum 64 mi Murmu hi Odisha ramkulh mi a si i, president thim a si hlan ahhin Jharkhand ramkulh ah Governor rian a ṭuan.

A ra lai mi July 25 ah India ram president 15 nak si ding in biakamnak a ngei lai i, President ah laak a si lai. Droupati Murmu nih cun President Ram Nath Kovind a chan lai. Credit: The Chin Post

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