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Indiana Governor Candidates 2020 (+Video)

Indiana State Governor thimnak cu Nov 3, 2020 ah thimfung thlak si cang la. Tu tan thimnak ah Indiana State in Governor todan aa cuhmi pathum an si i. Republican Party in Eric Holcomb asi, a nih hi 2017 khan Indiana State Governor a tuan lio mi si i 2020 thimnak ah aa cuh than mi asi. Indiana State ah rian thar a thong in a siam khotu asi i ramchung ramleng in company tampi a sawm hna. Indian Chin mi kan nisunglawi ah a mah pumpak a rat khawh lo zong ah a minung a rak thlah tawn hna. 1968 ah a cuak i kum 52 asi cang. A riantuan ning zong President le Vice President an lungtling ngai ngai. A campaign tuahnak website cu si i running mate ah Suzanne Crouch asi.

Democratic Party in Indiana State Governor aa cuh ding mi hi Woody Myers asi, Indiana State in American phsician and political candidate asi i atu a tuan lio mi cu health commissioner for Indiana and New York City rian a tuan cuahmah lio mi asi. Afirican- American kahpia miphun asi i tutan Indiana Governor atlin ah cun Afirican- American miphun nih a voi khatnak a tuan si lai. 1954 ah a chuak i kum 66 asi cang, running mate ah Linda Lawson asi i an campaign website cu ah fiang deuh in a dirpimi politics tlaihtleng cu relchap khawh asi.

Libertarian Party in Indiana State Governor a cuh ve ding a pathumnak cu Donald Rainwater asi, 1981 ah Warren Certral High School in Indianapolis ah high scholl a awng i United State Navy ah kum 8 ralkap rian a rak tuan. Running mate ah William Henry asi i an palitical campaign website ah a tlaitleng tampi a hmurka zelchap khawh si.

Indiana State ah Chin mi vote thla kho thong 10 leng an um cang i political party zong nih kan politics dirhmun an cuanh ngai ve cang. Chin Cable Network Channel

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