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Indonesia Nih Dai Tein Duhnak A langhtertu Mipi Tuk le Den le Thisen Chuah Tiang in Ralkap Cozah nih tuah lo ding in A Nawl.

Myanmar Mipi Cozah he Zong Pehtlaihnak le Ceihhmainak Kan Ngei Ko:

Myanmar ram buainak dai tein sersiamnak ding caah Ralkap Cozah lawng siloin mipi nih thimmi Cozah he zong pehtlaihnak le i ceihhmainak kan ngei ko tiah Indonesia Ramdanglei Vuanci Retno Marsudi nihcun Bangkok khua i Thailand ramdanglei vuanci le Ralkap nih an thlahmi Palai hna he i tonnak an ngeih khawh hnu ah hitin Media pawl sin ah a chim hi asi.

Dai tein duhnak a langhtertu mipi tuk le den le thisen chuah tiang in Ralkap Cozah nih tuah lo ding in le mipi nih an duhnak kha nan upat piak awk hna asi tiah Indonesia nihcun a nawl.

Mipi thimmi Cozah he an i chonh biaknak kong ah a ho he dah bia an i ruah le zeitluk level in timi belte a chim chih lo.

Crd: Chin Post
Ref: VOA

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