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Kan Fanau Le Kan Mi Hna Nan Thiltuah A Tha In Zoh A dawhtuk Hringhran Pathian Nih In Huppheng Hna Seh, Kan I Lawmtuk Hringhran>>>>

Hakha Peng COVID-19 Runvennak Rian ca ah Mino 100 Leng Pum an i Pe

Hakha peng COVID-19 runvennak le mizaw pawl zohkhenh thlopbulnak rian ca ah mino 100 leng nih pum an i pe, tiah Hakha Township Public Healthcare (HTPH) nih thawngthanhnak ah an langhter.

Volunteer pawl cawnpiaknak cu HBA le Zion ah July 25, 26, 27 ah an tuah i sii lei fimthiamnak a cawng liomi Medical Student mino 17 telh in pum aa pemi mino 100 leng an si hna.

June 10 thawk in Hakha ah COVID-19 zawtnak a ngeimi minung 300 leng hmuh an si i minung 8 an nunnak a liam. July 26 tiang ah minung 211 nih damnak an hmu.

Nihin (July 28) zong ah minung 22 an check hna i minung 8 sin in zawtnak an hmuh tthan, tiah kan theih.

The Chin Journal
July 28, Hakha

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