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Michigan Stateah vote an relthami

Michigan Stateah vote an relthami cu khuaruahhar a si ko cang hi. Tampi vote cu hmuhchuah a si cang Audit tuahnakah tuah cuahmah lio a si. Minthut ailomi pawl, machine, a whopping 68.05% error.

Relnak seh cu 68.05% ai palh. Same Signature” During β€œAudit” Of Votes In Antrim County. Vote Minthut ai lomi Auditmi chungin Antrim County (myone) kawlholh in kathiam lo laiholh in.
250,000 ballots or .0008%. Vote 250000 .0008% cu hmuhchuah a si.

Nihin biahalnak kan tuahmi hna kha atu ka vunlanhternak hi a si. Tawite thawngpang rel maw nan duh, saupi in tlaipi tial timi kha . Trump hi kan President cu a si ko cang lai. Zedang chimlen a hau ti lailo. Laknak:Gatewaypundit. Twitter

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