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Mipi Lei Tang In Myanmar Hacker Pawl Cawlcangh Hram An Thawk Ve Cang

Mipi Lei Tang In Myanmar Hacker Pawl Cawlcangh Hram An Thawk

Duhlonak langhter in ralkap uk nak a cuahmah mi,mipi lei ah tangin Myanmar Computer thiam pawl cawlcangh hram an thawk.

Mi zei an si ti cu tarlangh a si lo nain February 17 zinglei ah a rawk mi, canteral Bank of myanmar website, Ralkap true News Information Team website a rawk mi pawl cu kan mah hacker pawl kan si tiah Facebook cahmai ah langhter a si.

Kan i timhbik mi cu uknak lak tu cozah ralkap cawlcanghnak thlak hi a si,cu ruangah ralkap cawlcanghnak le ralkap lei a bawm tu hna website cu online in fak pi’n kan doh hi a si,ti’n Myanmar Hacker Group ahcun tarlangh a si.

Cun online in ralkap website pawl fawi zaang ten hrawhnak ding Link pakhat cu Facebook cahmai ah an tarlangh i na kut in ralkap cozah doh ti’n kan tel pi ve tiah an tarlangh fawn.

Cyber attack an thawk in an hrawh mi hna cu Directorate of Investment ,Trade Department , Custome Department , Ministry Of Commerce ,MRTV le Tatmadaw True News Information Team,Myawady TV pawl an si.

Myanmar Hacker pawl cawlcangnak in, Central Bank, True News Information Team, Myawady TV le Trade Department Website pawl cu February 17 cacawn ni thum ni ah riantuan kho lo dingin an tuah.

Crd: Chin Post

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