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Mizapi kan lungfim hlan lo cu Ralkap nawlngeihnak tang ah kan um peng lai

Ralkap nih February 1 zingka ah nawlngeihnak an lak than mi kong ah mizapi kan lung a fim hlan chung cu phunghram ah a umcia bantuk in anmah ta a si, an kuttang ah kan um peng ko lai, tiah CNF/A in Col. Solomon Thang Ding nih February 2 ah a chim.

β€œPhunghram an tuah lio tein nawlngeihnak lak khawh ding cu a umcia mi a si ko. Cun, Nawingeitu si hi an duh peng ca ah a si. A ngaingai cu ralkap uknak hi cu kan duh cio mi a si hrimhrim lo. Mizapi kan lung a fim hlanlo cu ralkap kuttang ah kan um peng ko lai,” tiah Col. Solomon Thang Ding nih The Hakha Times ah a chim.

Atu bantuk in ralkap nih nawlngeihnak an lak mi he pehtlai in a rauhhlan ah CNF/A nih cathanh zong an chuah lai, tiah kan theih. thehakhatimes

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