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Myanmar Ralkap Caah Thawngpang Tha Lo A Si Cang US Nih Hma A Lak Cang Lai

Kawl Ralkap Uknak Hrawh dingin US Congress nih Resolution introduce tuah khawh a si cang. White House le State Department lawng siloin Department of Defense zong nih arrannakin aherhmi aherh ningin step lak thawk ding a si lai.

U.S. Senate ah introduce an tuah hlan ah pumpak in ka zopi khawh ve hna i, abiapi tiah ka ruahmi hna zong chapa le telh khawh a si caah kaa lawm. Hi Resolution hi tlamting sehlaw, arrannakin implementation tuah dingin rian tuan ding tampi kan ngei. Mipi nih duhmi Democracy le zalawngnak (Freedom) kan hmuh than hlan tiang kan tuah pezulh lai.

U.S. Senate Bill on Burma introduced: calls on the President [President Joe Biden], the Secretary of State [DoS Secretary Antony Blinken], and the Secretary of Defense [DoD Secretary Lloyd Austin] to immediately take all steps necessary to end the military coup in Burma/Myanmar. Credit: Elaisa Vahnie

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