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Ngeih Um Ko : Indiana CYO Super Show an tuah la

Indiana CYO Super Show an tuah la. Kum hnih dan ah an tuah lengmang mi Indiana CYO Super Show cu Oct 25 ah CEBE Khrihfabu hall ah tuah an I tim tiah kan theih. Zanlei 6pm to 9pm chung zuamnak tuah si lai Live in thlah si la. Ahmun a zoh duh mi cu minung 250 tang lawng cohlan asi lai caah online in minpek a hau lai, cun luhman ah $10 asi lai tiah kan theih.

Hi zuamnak ah 2021 CYONA conference tik I aa zuam ding mi, Miss, Fashion le Idol zuamnak caah State aiawh in minung minung thim chungnak an tuah mi asi. Aa Guam ding mi hna an foto cu an mah Indiana page ah post asi cang I Like le share an hmuh mi zat zong an I zuamnak ah vote relpiak an si lai caah vote ding in sawm kan si. Chin Cable Network Channel

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