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Pasal tha nih:A nupi caah a tuah piak mi thil phun(5)

1.Pasal zei cun a nupi ih taksa a tham/dai hlanah a thinlung a tham/dai hmaisa theu.

2.Pasal zei cun zanih zik le zing thawh tikah a nupi cu “ka lo duh”, “na mawi tuk” tin a ti theu.

3.Pasal zei cun hnatuan feh zikah le hnatuan ihsin a tlung tikah a nupi cu a hnam/pom theu.

4. Pasal zei cun a nupi thinlung thazang a pek theu!

5. Pasal zei cun a nupi inn hnatuan a bawm theu.

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