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Poi An Ti Taktak La Mu : Ralkap Website Le Central Bank An Hack Piak Hna

Ralkap nih uknak an lak hnu ah Ralkap Website, Ministry cheukhat le Central Bank cu February 16 ah Hack piak ansi. Hi kong he pehtlaiin Myanmar Hacker Phu nih thawngthanhnak an tuah. “Ralkap Website , Ministry cheukhat le Central Bank a hack tu hi Myanmar Hacker kan si. Ralkap uknak hrawh kan duh caah kan Hacknak asi” tiin Hacker nih thawngthanhnak an tuah.

Ralkap Website , Ministry cheukhat le Central Bank Website cu Hack an ton caah an Website ah luh khawh asi ti loh. Myanmar Hacker phu nih an Hackmi cu Ralkap thawngthanhnak Website, MWD, Ministry of Commerce, Investment, le Central Bank hna hi ansi. Myanmar Hacker nih Ralkap Website vialte an Hack piak dih hna caah ralkap Website cu on khawh asi ti loh. Source : Irrawaddy

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