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R.I.P : A Poi Tuk E Salai Cung Dawt US Cem Cu Meithal Kah Nak In A Nun Nak Liam

Thih Dar Kan Tum!Miphun hawi hna, Pu. Cung Mang (Zephai) le Pi. Thla Hniang (Ngalang) i an dawtmi fapa Salai. Cung Dawt Cem (19 y/o) nih meithal kah nak in 1/18/2021 dei lei ah a nunnak a kan liam tak ti’n thawngpang kan theih. Hi bantuk thawngpang kan theih tikah, a hawikom rual asi mi Zophei mino cu kan ngaih a chia hringhran! Taantak mi chungkhar Bawipa tu nih in hnem hram ko hna seh!

Nan ngaihchiatnak le lungkuainak vialte, Zophei mino nih kan in hrawmpi hna. Ngaihchiatnak hrawmpi buin,Zophei Community of America Youth.It is with our deepest condolence to inform you the death of Cung Dawt Cem (19 y/o); son of Pu. Cung Mang (Zephai) and Pi. Thla Hniang (Ngalang). A great young man with a bright future ahead. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and relatives of the deceased.

A ra lai mi June 12, 2021 ah hlunghlai tak in Indianapolis, IN ah concert kan ngei lai. Cu lawng cu si loin, July 1-3, 2021 ah Sports Tournament le Conference zong kan ngei lai timi thawng ttha taktak thanh kan in duh hna. A khuakip in sports i zuam nak, Miss, Idol, le Fashion show izuam nak pawl zong a um chih lai! Nan hawi le zong thawng rak theih ter cio hna uh!Special guests sawmmi hna cu Laitlang lei in a si lai i a hnu deuh ah kan rak in thanh tthan te hna lai!

Lunglawmhnak tampi he,Zophei Community of America/Youth Hello Everyone!We have an important and very exciting announcement to make! This upcoming summer, we will be having a concert on June 12, 2021! We will also be having a Sports Tournament and Conference on July 1-3, 2021. There will be a variety of competitions such as Sports, Miss, Fashion, and Idol. Mark your calendar. Let your friends know and make sure you’re there! See you there! Credit: Credit: Zophei Youth Community of North America page

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