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R.I.P : Pu Za Tling Nih Mual A Kan Liam Tak A Poi Hringhran Ko E (+Video)

Tu lio kan boruak he pehtlai in, Chin miphun hna nih thih lohnak kan ton hi cu lung thin a fak hringhran ko mu. Kan Pa Pu Za Tling nih mual a kan liam tak ruangmang e, lung a ttha hrimhrim loh zeitluk in dah a chung le nih an tuar lai, Bawipa tu nih an ngeihchiatnak theih pi hna in hnem hram ko hna seh.

Note : Pu Za Tling a thih ning hi zeiruang ah dah si, zei zawtnak in dah a thih timi cu thawng fiang in an langhter lo caah kan van langhter chih ve lo nak hi a si. A tanglei ah a Video kan van chiah. Credit :Aathang Bik

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