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R.I.P : US Ah Chinmi Motor Le Mirang An i Pah I Minung (2) An Thi (+Video)

US, Indianapolis ah Chinmi motor mawng le mirang nupa motorcycle mawng an i pah i mirang nupa cu an hliamtuar hma tuar kho loin an thi colh. Zanlei nazi 7:30pm ah Chinmi cu Toyota SUV mawng in Madison Ave lampi ah a tli, cuti cun mirang nupa motorcycle i a van i phurmi he an i pah hi a si.

Mirang nupa hna cu a ran nakin siizung ah an tlikpi colh hna nan an hliamtuar loin an thi. Toyota SUV mawngtu Chin pa cu police nih an tleih colh ve. Chinmi a si nan a min le mizei a si cu theih a si rih lo. Hi accident-nak ah IMPD police pawl cu bawmh an hauh ruangah Chin Community upa pawl zong an va kal colh ve thil a can ning.

A tanglei ah a Video kan van thil

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