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Ralkap lei zong An Colcang tak tak ve! Falam Khawpi caah Ralkap Nih Bawmhnak tam pi An Hlut

Falam khawpi caah ralkap nih bawmhnak tampi an hlut tiah thawng theih a si. Khat lei ah cun a tha ngai ve. An hlut mi pawl hi a tam kho tak tak. Nifa te i kan chuan mi facng, Chiti, Cii, Kala Pe, Mask le Handgel hi pawl hi an hlut mi cu a si.

An hlut mi pawl cu Khrihfa Buddah ti lo in, thlei dang loin Fangfak, Chiti, Cii te, Kala pe , Mask le Handgel pawl cu October ni 30 ah an hlut i phawt an si. Khrihfa biaknak 33 caah ralkap pawl nih fangfak, Chiti, Cii le kala pe pawl an hlut, Khrihfa biaknak 33 caah fangfak tun 165, Chitii cuai 287, Cii 251 , Kala pe cuai 431 , Mask le Handgel pawl an pek .

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