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Rev. Dr Hei Vung Lian Covid-19 In A Zawt Caah Oxygen Pek In A Um Cuahmah Lio A Si Thlacamnak In Bawm Cio Hna usih

THLACAM PIAK CIO USIH. Chin Miphun kan caah Pacan in a kan dirpiak zungzal tu Rev. Dr Hei Vung Lian (Emmanuel Chin Baptist Church – Ohio senior Pastor) cu a tu hi, Covid-19 in a zawt caah Columbus Ohio Hospital ah ai thlop liopi a si.

A tu hi Doctor’s te an lung a dong ko cang, Oxygen an pek i, Doctor’s te nihcun kan phoih cang lai, ruahchan awk a um ti lo an ti, nain chungkhar leinih kan phoih piak rih hlah uh an ti i, a tu cu phoih rih loin an um tiah chungkhar neihniam sin in kan theih. minung ruahnak lung cu a dong ko cang. Minung ruahnak a donghnak pinlei ah kan Pathian tthawnnak ai phuannak hnga thlacamnak in bawm cio hna usih. Chin Cable Network Channel

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