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Rianttuan an thawk hlan paoh ah an Boss pa an Hnamh ta peng – An hnamh lio (+Video)

Rianttuan An Awt Hlanah An Boss An Hnamh Ta Tawn- Video. A mak ngai ve, mah bantuk in riantuan lai i boss le hnamh peng ding a si ah cun pa vialte nih boss si an duh ciao lai dah. China ram Beijing khawpi i company pakhat ah cun rianttuantu le Boss karlak ah i remnak aum peng nak hnga tiin rianttuan an awk lai te ah an Boss pa an hnamh ta.

Cu Company i, an boss pa nih cun ni chiar tein company innka ah a dir i an company i rianttuantu nu pawl cu an dih lak in a hnamh peng. Mah bantuk in company nih phung thar an tuahnak cu USA i company pakhat nih Morning Kiss an timi pakhat le pakhat kup buin an i hnmanh tawnmi kha an cawng ve ti a si.

Mah bantukin an i hnamh tawn caah boss le rianttuantu karlak ah i remlonak a um bal lo. Pakhat le pakhat an i daw i, tha nuam tein an an ttuan kho tiah an boss nih a chim.

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