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SAC (Ralkap) Nih Sang le Khuate Khuabawi A Thlennawn Cuahmah Hoi Cang Ko Hih

AC (Ralkap) nih Sang le Khuate khuabawi a thlennawn cuahmah.
Anmah Ralkap a tanh bak mi (aa-mah-khaan minung) lawnglawng rian pek (khanh) i anmah a raltu asiloah a dotu hnon thluahmah ding in an suaisam mi pawl cu Internet cahmai ah a puanglang.

Feb. 20, Sagaing Ramthen Wattma khua khuabawi thar thim mi zong “Kan duhlo” tiah khuami nih duhlonak an rak langhter cang.


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