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Sui Hlei Ṭial ruak khamtu hodah si?

Sui Hlei Ṭial ruak khamtu hodah si?
Malaysia ah nungak Sui Hlei Tial cu September 29 ah a nunnak a liam i a ruak hi Oct 3, 2020 ah Thantlang phakpi asi. A ruak a khamtu bik hi Thantlang Covid-19 runvenak main committee chung in Aung Shaw Myint (Thantlang myone ohchohzihmu) le U Tun Pwar (Thantlang myone cianmazihmu) an si tiah kan theih i an pahnih in kawl miphun an si veve.

Cu lawng silo in: Thantlang myone lahwahkah. Thantlang myone pingngazihmu. Thantlang myone yehmu (police officer). Thantlang myone tatanayehmu. zong an si chih ve ti asi i an dihlak 6 an si.
Nihin tiang ah Thangtlang khuanu-khuapa lei in duhlonak langter in lawmzawh le dawr khan in duhlonak langter mi a um rih lo tiah kan theih. Chin Cable Network Channel

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