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Tawngta,NgawngOo le Yangon ah ralhrang phu sin thawngpe tu le khuabawi minung 5 cu an kah hna,minung 4 an thi

Mandalay ramthen,Tawngta peng, NgawngOo peng le Yangon ramthen, North Dagon peng ah ralhrang sin thawngpetu tiah minung tampi nih theih mi minung 3 cu kah an ton caah minung 2 cu an thi tiah khuami hna sinin theih a si.

Mandalay ramthen,Pagan NgawngOo peng Uyin khua ah nihin zinglei suimilam 8:00 ah ralhrang phu sin thawngpe tu tiah mitam pi nih ruahmi Thein Zaw Min le a nupi cu cycle an i cit lio ah kah an tong,cu kahnak ruangah cun Thein Zaw Min nupi nu a thi colh tiah theih a si.

Cun Dagon Myotit North peng no.45 sang, Lampi ah September 30, zaan suimilam 7:30 no.5 sangah ralhrang phu sin thawngpetu tiah theihmi cycle in phaisa khawltu Ko Chawng Soe cu meithal in an kah caah a thi, cu thil a tuah tu cu Little Heros phu nih an tuahmi a si tiah theih a si.

Mandalay ramthen,Tawngta peng SanOo khua ah ralhrang phu nih rianpek mi khuabawi U Kyaw San le Daw Yin Htay hna cu September 30, zinglei ah TTA phu hna nih an kahthah hna tiah theih a si. Credit : The Chin Post

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