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Thanthlang:Mino Sin ah Pu Bawi Vung thih nak’Kong ah cakuat an si cang a linsa taktak cang.

BawiVung Thihnak tu hna hi biatak tein Politics ah Luhpi in Thantlang Mino, Chinmino le Parties pawl nih Aupi le buaipi ding asi.

Aithupmi thleidannak zong aum khomi asi, #Daithlan ruang ah maw, siloah #siai le #thilri tlamtling lo dek, pakhat khat cu asi hrimhrim lai.

Mino le Parties kip nih #Compensation aherh ningin hal piak ding. Cun, #Kherhhlainak tuah i #Thanhca aherhningin chuah ding ! Aherhmi le achambaumi COZANPI tawlrelter colhding.

Zohsawh ding ansilo daithlannak he mizeirello asikho alemsual hna lai !HumanRights le Nuhrincovo a aupi le dirpimi nih cun zohsawh bak loding aherhningin tuanvo lak colhding !

Note: Kan farnu SHT lio vial i nan i #TLERHKHAWN ATHATZIA, athatuk ko, NAIN BawiVung Thihnak tu hi #adammi kan ca’h TIHNUNGMI le #BUAIPI ding asi deuh! Politics zong asi i VOTE laknak zongah i hman awk ah athabikmi le Mipi nih kan HERHKHUHMI zong asi.
By:Nelson C.Vl Cung

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