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Tlangcung Mi Party Fonhkhawm In Union Election Commission Khuakhan Micu Remhtthan Dingin An Nawl

Myanmar rampi thim nak ding hrang tuanvoneitu Union Election Commission nih cun November 8 i Myanmar rampi ithim caan ah Rakhine ramkulh in Myone 9, Shan ramkulh in Myone 5, Karen , Kachin , Mon le Pago ramthen in ohsuh cheukhat pawl ah i thim nak tuah a ngah lai loh tiin tthawng an thanh cang i tlangcung mi party 5 komkhawm nih cun Union Election Commission i ceihhmai mi cu an pompi lo nak kong le remh than dingah an duh nak kong cu ca in an chuah.

Tlangcung mi party 5 kom khawm in cun ithim nak ding ni zong tampi ai duh ti loh mah ah cun, Election Commission in tlangcung mi umnak chung in myone tampi le ohsuh cheukhat ah ithim nak a um loding biana chiah cu, tlangcung mipi hrang ah a hman lo nak kong Rampi ithim nak ah a biapi cem mi pakhat a si.

Tlangcung mi Party 5 komkhawm cu Kachin Pituh Party , Kaya Party , Karen Party , Chin Party CNLD le Mon party pawl an si. Union Election Commission in Rakhine ramkulh chung Myone 9 bak ah ithim nak a um kho ti lai loh tiah, thu an chuah cu Rakhine party zong nih an rak pompi bak loh i, Rakhine party nih teinak a co ding an duh lo ruangah a si tiah an ti ve.

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