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U Thein Sein te nupa:Nih Vote an thlak cang hi’Nang zei party dah na thlak ve lai.

Myanmar president hlun U Thein Sein tei innsang khal in tuizing Nov. 6 zinglam nazi 9:00 am ah Nay Pyi Daw A4 hmuan kawtka ah vote an rak thlak cia lawk ti a si.

Pukbatirih myone Ngiopinkyisuh khua meezung (2) in a hlankhan ih mee an khawn sak lawknak in a si.

Tuihlan ih kan ram uktu ralbawi U Than Shwe tei innsang khal in tuisun ah a hlankhan ih vote an pek ve tum thu theih a si.

Nay Pyi Daw ah cun Oct.29 a hlan khan ih vote pek cia a theih ni ihsin tuisun tiangah minung thawng 10 tha lai in vote an pe cia zo ti a si.

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