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USA Election result zeihman a chuak kho tilo tutiang ah a ruang pakhat.

Myanmar time 8:10 am tiang US President hrilnak result fiangfai um thei hrih lo. Electoral votes 270 kim ding ah…

▪️Trump vote 213

▪️Biden vote 253 an si hrih lai.

Pennsylvania ih vote 89% an siar theh hnuah Trump in vote 60000 in hmai a hruai lai. Georgia ih 99% an siar hnuah Trump in 3000 luan hrawng lawngin hmai a hruaiih vote siar ding 18936 hrawng a tang lai.

Pennsylvania le Georgia hi Trump hrangah a thupi tukmi a si. North Carolina ahcun 94% an siar theh hnu ah Trump in vote tingkhat zikte in a hruai ih phan a um tuk lo. Nevada ah 84% an siar theh hnuah Biden in vote 5000 hrawngin a hruai. Arizona khalah 90% an siar theh hnuah Biden in 60000 hrawngin a hruai.

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