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Zah Cu An Hngal Bak Lo Hih, NLD Party Nih Vote A Fir Mi Nuai 11 Leng A Si Caah A Si Tiah Ralhrang Nih An Thanh Hoi hih>>>

Vote Relthan Mi Ah NLD Party Nih Vote A Fir Mi Nuai 11 Leng In Teinak A Hmu Tiah Ralhrang Nih An Thanh

November 8 ah tuahmi ram pumpi thimnak ah NLD cozah nih khinhmi UEC nih Vote a palh an ti i ralhrang nih an zohfel than tikah Vote dik lo nuai 11 leng a um tiah ralhrang thawngchimnak MRTV ah zahan July 8 ah a thanh.

Nawlngaihnak lakhnu ah tuan deuh UEC cu an hrawh i 2020 thimnak cazi zohthannak caah February thla chungah ralhrang nih a thar in UEC cu a dir i, February zarhhnihnak in July 7 tiang an zohfel i Vote diklo nuai 11 leng,Vote thlaknak nawl neitu Nuai 37 zatuak in 29.54 hrawng cu NLD nih hmuihtinh in Vote diklo a um tiah ningcang lo tuk in ralhrang nih an thanh.

Rammi sinak ngei lo in,Vote thlaknak ah i tel,rammi sinak card in Vote 2 or 3 thlak,kum 100 in a cung Vote thlaknak ah i tel,thimnak tuah ni ah kum 18 a tling lo mi Vote ah i tel,ti’n alnak ruangah zohfel mi a si caah Nuai 11 leng kan hmuhnak hi a si ti’n ralhrang Media ah an langhter.

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